Art on View

Under the Canopy:
Paintings and Poems Inspired by Nature

by Hazel Brown and Shira Atik
March 23 through June 19

Artist's Reception, Thursday, March 23, 5 to 7 pm
Free and open to the public

Hazel Brown is inspired by nature and living things. She grew up observing and absorbing the sights and sounds of nature. Hazel conveys her passion for nature and color through her paintings.
Shira Atik is a poet, writer and literary translator, who writes about people, their emotions, thoughts, struggles and triumphs. Shira appreciates that the natural world has an inner life of its own that is tempestuous, complex and full of feeling, such as the dramatic cycle of leaves or the irrepressible determination of a roaring river.

Through this collaboration of artist and poet, Hazel and Shira hope that the poetic expression will add a new dimension and insight to the beautiful paintings and enhance the ultimate experience of art.

Art on View features nature-based artwork at the Nature Center. If you are interested in submitting work for consideration please contact Lisa Fredrickson at (216) 321-5935, ext 241 or