Art on View

Power & Beauty: Ours to Notice and Respect

by Maria Kaiser

Artist’s Reception
Friday,December 9, 5 to 7 pm

Meet the artist to discuss her works in the exhibit Power & Beauty: Ours to Notice and Respect. Free, with light refreshments provided.

Featuring woodcuts, reduction woodcuts and etchings by Maria Kaiser. Woodcut is a relief printing technique in printmaking where an artist carves an image into the surface of a block of wood, leaving the printing parts level with the surface while removing the non-printing parts. Areas that the artist cuts away carry no ink, while images at the surface level carry the ink to produce the print. Maria enjoys extending memories of natural environments by etching them onto zinc plates, carving them into wood blocks and brushing them on to paper. She prefers the physical movement this work demands to the use of computer programs to enhance the photographs. This exhibit is on view through March 9.

Up Next

Artist’s Reception
Thursday, March 23, 5 to 7 pm

Meet artist Hazel Brown at the opening of her exhibit featuring nature-inspired watercolors and pastels. The reception and exhibit also feature the work of poet Shira Atik. This exhibit runs through June 19.

Art on View features nature-based artwork at the Nature Center. If you are interested in submitting work for consideration please contact Lisa Fredrickson at (216) 321-5935, ext 241 or