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The Nature Center is located within a section of the Shaker Parklands that includes six natural habitats -- lake, stream, marsh, field, ravine and forest. To experience these fascinating habitats, take a walk along one of our two beautiful trails.

Our Trails

Our two trails, the Sterns and All People's, offer two equally beautiful views of the 20-acres of conserved green space we manage here in the heart of historic Shaker Heights. With more than two miles of trails for you to explore, which one will you take?

Stearns Trail

The Stearns Trail is a mostly gravel surface trail that is one mile long and begins at the Nature Center's Wildflower Garden. The trail winds through the grounds and along the south branch of the Doan Brook. Run or walk among the trees, stop at two-tree square and stop near the Prairie to spot a butterfly. Features along the trail include a marsh observation deck, a brook observation deck and a brook-side trail. Dogs are not permitted on the trails.

All People's Trail

The All People's Trail (APT) is a railed, elevated boardwalk and is one-third mile long. The APT is barrier-free, opening the wonders of nature to people of all physical abilities. It features a boardwalk deck, which crosses over the north branch of the Doan Brook, and a marsh access ramp, both of which allow the public to experience the stream and marsh habitats up-close. The APT features a bird blind overlooking the marsh and stream, a lattice-sided "tree house" with benches, a geology observation deck and a waterfall overlook area. Trails leading to Lower Lake are accessible, by stairs, from the APT.

Download A Trail Map

For easy access on-the-go, click the link below to view and download our trail map. You can also stop into the Visitor's Center and grap a map and more information during business hours.


What can you see on the trails?

Nestled just outside of the city and in the heart of the east suburbs, the Nature Center, Shaker Lakes and Shaker Parklands are havens for all kinds of plants and wildlife.

Some of these include: Migratory and resident songbirds, Barred Owls, Great Blue Herons, White-Tailed Deer, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Skunks, Creek Chubs, Green Sunfish, Turtles, Bullfrogs, Garter Snakes, Green Frogs and Redback Salamanders. Plants you'll see: Troutlily, Trillium, Skunk Cabbage, Broadleaf arrowhead, Milkweed, Goldenrod, Sycamore, Hickory, Oak, Spicebush, Witch hazel, Yellow-flag irises, Garlic Mustard, Privet, Honeysuckle, Columbine, Lesser celandine and much more.