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Northeast Ohio: Landscape Photography
by Wayne Mazorow

Discover the parks and preserves of Northeast Ohio through the lens of photographer Wayne Mazorow, who captures untouched and pristine landscapes.

Mazorow uses light, texture, forms, tonal range of color and getting close to the subject to project the feeling of three-dimensional space through this two-dimensional medium. Through his images, he hopes to introduce viewers to the geography and biodiversity of Northeast Ohio's protected areas, from those well known to the hidden.

This exhibit is on view from May 3 through August 6, 2018.


Contemporary Nature, Landscapes by Susan Danko 

Susan Danko is a contemporary landscape painter who draws inspiration from her observations of the natural world. Her colorful and captivating paintings examine the power and fragility of nature caught in a state of flux between destruction and renewal.

Her work also addresses her interest in the tensions between abstraction and representation, order and chaos, and the natural versus the artificial. Through her art, Susan hopes to raise awareness and inspire a greater respect for the environment that we all share.

Contemporary Nature, Landscapes by Susan Danko will be on exhibit from August 24 through November 26, with an Artist’s Reception on Friday, August 24 from 5 to 7 pm.