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The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes is a beautiful, accessible, and welcoming place for humans and an important habitat for animals and native plants. I am fortunate to be able to visit often, and value the serenity and restorative power of the preserve. Yet the main reason I support the Nature Center is the work we do to educate children and adults about the environment and science, providing knowledge that helps all of us understand and appreciate our precious environment so that we can protect it for the future.


Karen G. Kidwell, Board Chair

nature center at shaker lakes board members

Executive Committee

Karen G. Kidwell, Board Chair
Meghan B. Hunter, Chair Elect
James T. Dixon, Past Chair
Erin B. Connell, Vice-Chair of External Affairs
Justin M. Croniser, Secretary
Jef E. Fowler, Treasurer and Vice-Chair Finance & Audit
Jeanne V. Gordon, Vice-Chair of Nominating and Governance
Graham P. Hearns, At-Large
Daniel A. Waters, Vice-Chair of Facilities & Natural Resources

Board of Trustees

Sandeep Bhatia
Kate D. Blaszak
Leigh H. Carter
Thomas A. Danford
Laura Dean
Beth H. Gillespie
Meg Hunter
Douglas A. Katz
David J. Kaufman
Steve Kresnye
Terri Wade-Lyles
Mike Moran
Kate Nagel
Meredyth Ralph
Carrie Brumbaugh Shelfer

Honorary Life Trustees

(Non-voting members of the Board)

Cynthia M. Klug
Clara T. Rankin
Sally R. Schulze, Ph.D.
Julie A. West

Affiliate Trustees

(Non-voting members of the Board)

Petra Moran
Victoria Mills
Brianna Treleven
Tres Roeder

Endowment Foundation Trustees

(Not members of the NCSL Board)

A. Chace Anderson
Cynthia Bassett
William G. Batcheller
David C. Fulton, Jr.
Margaret R. Giltinan