Nature Story Time

Nature Story Time
Mondays, 10 to 11 am

Nature Story Time is filled with books, a craft and hike related to the theme of the day for children ages 3½ to 7 with an adult. Space is limited, so please pre-register. All story times are held rain or shine, but may be modified due to inclement weather. $8 members, $11 non-members.

  • Monday, June 26 - It’s All Relative
    Are animal families like your family? How are they alike? What makes them different? We’ll explore these questions as we try to find animal families around the Nature Center.
  • Monday, July 10 - A Bug’s Life
    We’ll search under rocks and logs around the Nature Center to see what kind of 6- and 8-legged creeping, crawling and flying bugs we can find.
  • Monday, July 24 - Homes and Hideaways
    Each animal makes their home in different ways and places. How many will we find, and where will we find them?
  • Monday, August 7 - Water, Water, Everywhere
    Let’s take a walk on the wet side. As we explore the Doan Brook, we’ll discover why water is so important and where the water goes once it flows by the Nature Center.